Weight & Balance

Quickly and easily compute aircraft’s weight and balance before a flight with Yeno Weight & Balance. The application is compatible with most single engine aircraft, and supports both AvGas & Jet-A fuel. You can even create multiple profiles for different aircraft.

Configure your aircraft

Yeno Weight & Balance allows you to create a profile for most single engine aircraft. To set the profile, you will need information about your aircraft’s empty weight, empty arm, maximum takeoff weight, maximum landing weight, fuel arm, fuel capacity, weight stations, and center of gravity limits (CG envelope).

Customize your aircraft’s weight stations

When creating a profile, you must define the seating and baggage stations. You can define as few or as many stations as required. For each station, simply select a name and enter the associated arm.  The station type list includes the following names: Front Seats, Back Seats, Seating Row 1, Seating Row 2, Seating Row 3, Baggage A, Baggage B, Baggage C, Fwd Baggage, Aft Baggage.

Flight Information

Before a flight, just enter the fuel you take on board, your average burn rate, the flight duration, and the weight for each station. Then, let the magic happen: the application draws the Center of Gravity envelope graph and warns you with appropriate indications if your flight configuration is not acceptable.

No need for an internet connection

Yeno Weight & Balance does not require internet or cellular connection. You can thus use it anywhere, any time.

Yeno Weight & Balance is available in two editions