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Yeno Checklist allows you to bring all of your checklists with you, wherever you are. You can create, edit, and delete your own customized collection of checklists. Although Yeno Checklist has been designed to fit aircraft checklists needs, it can be used for any purposes, such as shopping lists. No matter how many checklists you take with you, they fit in the palm of your hand for no additional weight.

Simple, yet refined interface

Yeno Checklist’s graphical user interface is very simple and lets you concentrate on the information displayed on screen. The most important functions are available from a single tap of your finger, and other ones through the device’s menu button. When you complete or skip a task, the next task is automatically focused, scrolling the view accordingly.

Edit checklists on the go, or from a computer

Yeno Checklist lets you edit your checklists directly on your phone. But if you’d rather have a full desktop keyboard to type long and complicated lists, you can export an existing checklist to your device’s SD card, edit the file from your computer, and import it back to the app.

Organize your checklists into groups

With Yeno Checklist, you can create functional sets of checklists, called Checklist Groups. Every checklist is associated to a Checklist Group. For example, you can make a shopping-list group, containing specific checklists for each department in shop/store.

Drag-and-drop list reordering

Reflect your priority changes instantly with the drag-and-drop list reordering view, for both tasks and checklists.

Listen to your tasks

With a single tap on the checklist Speech icon, you can enable text-to-speech feature: speech synthesis will then “speak” your task names. Coupled with the trackball quick check behavior, text-to-speech allows you to complete your check routines without even looking at your phone.

Attach notes to your tasks

You can add a description to your tasks, allowing you to store notes relative to the action to complete. Once created, just click on the task’s “info” button to display the description in a dialog box.

Yeno Checklist is available in two editions