Edit or create checklists on your computer

Yeno Checklist allows you to edit and create checklists right on your computer. Let’s see how to do it.

Edit an existing checklist group from your phone

If you need to edit an existing checklist group stored on your phone, the first step will consist in exporting the group as an XML file on your SD Card. To do so, go to the Checklist Group Selection Page in the app, press your device’s menu button, and select “Export checklist group”. Then, select the group to export from the list, and notice the name of the exported file in the confirmation dialog box.

You now need to access your SD Card from your computer. Plug your device’s USB connector to your computer, and mount the USB storage media in order to access the files. Locate the exported checklist group XML file on the root directory of the card, and open it with the text editor of your choice (prefer an editor with syntax highlighting).

Create a new checklist group file on your computer

To create a new checklist group XML file from your computer, use the text editor of your choice (prefer an editor with syntax highlighting) and save a new file with the “.xml” extension. Follow the next instructions to know how to build your checklist group.

Checklist group file XML structure

In order to be understandable by the application, the checklist group XML files must have the following structure:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<!-- The checklist group's name -->
<comment>An example checklist group</comment>
<!-- The checklist group's description (optional) -->
<!-- The checklis's name -->
<!-- The checklis's description (optional) -->
<!-- Whether text-to-speech is enabled (true)
or not (false) (optional) -->
<name>Vs (stall)</name>
<!-- The task's name -->
<result>36 MPH</result>
<!-- The task's result (optional) -->
<comment>Some notes</comment>
<!-- The task's notes (optional) -->

Use this code snippet to build your own customized checklist group. Elements in blue are mandatory, elements in green represent comments, and elements in black are optional.

Import the checklist group in the app

Once the edition finished, you can import the checklist group from the XML file into the app. To do so, be sure that the XML file is located in the root directory of the device’s SD Card. Then, go to the Checklist Group Selection Page, press the menu button, and select “Import checklist group”. A dialog box will open to let you choose the checklist group you want to import. If your newly edited checklist group file does not appear in the list, it means that the XML structure you used is invalid. You may want to check the file’s syntax and try again.